Monday, April 6, 2009

The Memorial Service

In celebration of Shane’s life, a gathering was held at the heart of Squaw Valley today. A lift line away from KT-22, in view of the tram face and headwall, stories and memories were shared. Very suiting for a man frequently spotted in these mountains and for someone who played such a role in our community. As J.T. Holmes put it, “He was the elder sibling of the Valley. He had the knowledge and the experience.” The flags waved at half mast and the tram was perched in view of the ceremony. With a crowd young and old, it was clear that he touched many lives and many walks of life. As his daughter, Ayla, danced beautifully near the podium, friends spoke about what Shane meant to them. Nearly every speaker claimed that Shane was their best friend. One of which also said he had a recent chat with Shane about death and Shane’s wish was that everyone celebrate and be happy. He wanted people to celebrate not only his life, but yours as well. He wants you to have fun, and that was evident at this gathering. Despite coming together during such a time, many laughs were had in his memory. Nearing the end of the gathering, after a moment in silence, Squaw Valley ski patrol let off a series of bombs, surely one of Shane’s favorite sounds waking up in Squaw on a powder day. Although Shane is physically not with us, he lives in each and every person who shares the passion for skiing, base jumping, humor, friends, and family. In the words of Trevor Peterson, “There comes a time when one must risk something or sit forever with one’s dreams.”

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