Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I turn 18...It feels weird to say the least.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hint to the GOP

If you want to try and remain relevant in todays world, going hip is not the answer. All I can say is stuff like this makes me so happy Obama is president.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am officially continuing my education because yesterday I got into college. I received my acceptance from Seattle University. Fingers crossed for the rest of them.

It's Raining...So I wrote a poem

There’s One In All Of Us

With baby teeth wiggling free and baby fat still prevalent on my face

I stared at the dark shadows of the night, the moon being the only source of illumination

You emerged from your abyss, your large spikes dragging across the carpeted floor

You strolled to the end of my bed, the yellow eyes piercing my soul

I quickly shut my eyes and pulled the covers over my trembling body

Turning on the light, you had vanished

At 10. Lighting filled the sky

Tried to sleep, but failed as Zeus struck the earth

You materialized outside of my window, staring me down from the old oak tree

I tried to turn on a light, but failed as darkness engulfed the room

At 12. I viewed a terrifying film

Going to sleep thoughts of fear and death fleeted through my mind

Lowering my head to stare at the wall, you immerged

About to scream, I closed my eyes

At 15. Staying up late to finish work

Meandering down stairs for a snack

You occupy the corner of my eye

Retreating upstairs, food can wait until morning.

At 18. Graduation the next day

Eyes transfixed on the ceiling

Contemplating my future

You emerge from the shadows, claws sharper then ever.

At 27. Getting married tomorrow

Readjusting my pillow

Petrified of commitment

Your spikes strike my head.

At 32. First child arrived

Childhood seemed like eons ago

Ideas of new responsibilities fill my conciseness

Your yellow eyes illuminate the nursery.

At 33. My child had his first nightmare

I recall my childhood

Boyhood adventures; the world seemed like a better place

You look older too

At 49. I turn 50 tomorrow

Scared as hell

Over the hill

Your spikes still gleam crimson red under the moonlight.

At 57. Camping with my kids

Hear noises at night

The trees rustle in the wind

Where the sky meets the earth, I find you.

At 72. I lost my wife yesterday

The lord took her away from me

I hold her tight I lost my love

When I woke, the rain was poring down; you stood over me.

Lying awake at night, I cannot sleep

The groggy summer heat coupled with the relentless buzz of insect wings

My eyes will not close

I lower my head and my eyes focus on the old oak tree

You are sitting their, tail tucked between your legs

The yellow eyes have lost their glint

Wrinkles dominate my face

You turn away

Disappearing into the night

Never to return

I close my eyes

For the final time

Monday, December 7, 2009