Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are is a complex beast. Its a movie about a kids book...except the film is obviously not for children. It is very much an adult adaptation made for people who read the book, cherish it and grew up. I have heard from many people that they didn't like the film, or more frequently that they didn't "get it," and this mindset is partially understandable. The movie is shockingly not a fun whimsical adventure on an island full of furry creatures, but a supremely powerful art film whose resonance is entirely dependent on your own childhood experiences. That’s the biggest “X” factor for this film. What you bring into Where The Wild Things Are will determine what you get out of it, and unlike many other instances where this happens, you can’t really control this one. But if you had a troubled childhood, if you ever felt like a loner and nobody understood you, Where The Wild Things Are has the potential to really speak to you.

It did for me.

It’s often a sad movie, but a lovely and inspired one.

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