Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Poem


Gazing out of my bedroom window

Rain softly patters against the bare cherry blossom tree

Wanting to feel the water against my face

I contemplate meandering outside

However I falter

Chained by reason and responsibility

A decade since the time

I felt truly loved

Running through the woods

Air filling my lungs

Branches brushing against my face

Gazing at the sunset

We were wild

Gazing out the window

What have I become?

An interchanging part

In an increasing sterile word

Where I am not a man

But a number

Leaving my wild tribe

I ventured to the dark place

Feeling like a loner

No one understood me

I longed for my tribe

For the wild

Opening the window

I gaze towards to sky

Letting the water gently caress my arid skin

My fears and apprehensions wash away

My eyes dart towards a dash of pink

A lone cherry blossom swept up into the air

The rumpus has begun.

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