Monday, May 24, 2010

Broken Frames

If songs are only as sad as there listener,
Then what does that make me?
Stuck in a glassy abyss of black,
trying to cling to glimmers in the darkness.

Stumbling upon something in your life
So good,
It's drawing trouble to yourself.
Makes it impossible to focus on whats right.

Impossible to protect oneself from sadness,
without protecting yourself from happiness.

the indescribable force,
turning the sun from the blackest of black,
to an awe inspiring force of illumination.

What dictates an act of love?
Causing others pain for you own individual piece of mind,
or sacrificing one's sanity for others happiness?
Two sides of an eternal game of Backgammon,
that no one ever wins.

Yet, Love cannot exist without loss.
Life cannon exists without loss.
Pain, suffering, happiness, content,
emotions can change us,
inspire us,
enrage us,
sadden us,
but this double edged blade is only things that keep us human.

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