Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Month Since Lost

Since the finale of Lost a month ago, I have experienced numerous endings. Therefore, I found it appropriate to re post my Lost finale reflection. Also, today I flew into Hawaii, and There Is No Place Like Home starting playing on my ipod, so I took it as some kind of sign.

Dear Damon Lidelof, Carlton Cuse, and JJ Abrams

The sheer fact that it took two weeks for me to organize my thoughts and emotions regarding the LOST finale into some kind of partially literate ramble, clearly illustrated the tremendous impact the show has had upon my persona. So before I am reduced to an emotional wreck, let me try and express my gratitude.

The date is May 23rd 2010, and after 6 long years, the adventure has truly reached a conclusion with a Jughead-sized bang, a bang that caused a whole theatre full of perfectly sane people to start sobbing. Just thinking of the church scene tears me up, yet to understand this situation, we need to trust in the time space continuum, and flashback to 2004.

During the fall of 2004, I was an awkward, shy, and lonely 7th grader. I had my core group of friends, but you could never describe us as the cool kids, we read vampire novels before Twilight was cool, could recite most of Empire Strikes Back, and counted down the days until the release of Halo 2. (Yet, despite these seemingly nerdy hobbies, we were also some of the most athletic kids at school, so I still don't completely understand why we were ridiculed so much.) However, one day I had an especially bad day of school, came home in tears, and in true sad upper-middle class kid syndrome, began to contemplate who I truly was. This introverted thinking just furthered my depressed state, and by 9pm, I found myself lounging on the couch, inadvertently watching the pilot for LOST. However, once the credits rolled, I picked up the phone, called my friends, and attempted to convey to them, the magic I had just experienced. It was comparable to capturing lightening in a bottle, and at that moment, I knew a new chapter in my life had begun.

Over the course of the next six years I could effortlessly relate with Hurley's quest for love, Locke's confusion, and Charlie's self doubt. As the characters progressed through there adventure, I could feel myself growing in real life, right beside the Losties. Lost also helped me meet some of my best friends. The most recent example of this was during my my senior calculus class. During those nine months of torture, disguised as an incomprehensible set of numbers and Greek symbols, I talked about Lost with the five seemingly strangers I happened to inhabit a table with. Flashing forward, I graduate from high school tomorrow, and those five strangers are now some of my best friends. I have truly formed lasting relationships with people because of your show, and because of that, I can never thank you all enough. LOST also inspired me to chase my dreams of becoming a writer. This fall, I will be a freshman at LMU, majoring in screenwriting, and I hope to one day create something that has the potential to touch lives, just like LOST has touched mine.

So in closing I would simply like to thank you all. The three of you have provided me with, as acutely reinforced two weeks ago, my favorite show of all-time. I would be perfectly happy for another show to eventually dethrone Lost, but if nothing can, that is perfectly acceptable, because I know that I simply got to experience LOST. I will always cherish the memories of sitting around the television, swapping theories and predictions about Islands, numbers, gods, and monsters. Part of LOST was the show, a large part was the experience of watching the show with people. As I watched the final scenes, tears streaking down my face, all I could think was: thank you.

So you say goodbye. You go to sleep, and you wake up the next day without it. And you smile, because you know that since you lost it, you will always have it.

Jonathan Crossley

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