Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yes, this post is inevitably named stuff, not because that generally reflects the nature of this writing, but more because I'm tired and feeling very unoriginal. Let me get the boring stuff out of the way first. Yes, I am sorry for not blogging as of late, I have been busy writing a screenplay, and as of last night it was content complete. Now take notice that I did not say finished. The script still needs a lot of work in terms of editing and rewriting dialogue, but I will definitely be publishing excerpts on this page in the near future. However, for this post today I will write about the things I have seen, done, and been interested in during these past few months. Hence the title of this post, stuff.

1. Outsidelands 2010 - In short, it was awesome. Two days jam packed with amazing bands, tasty food, cool people, and an awesome city. The highlight of the festival for me was My Morning Jacket. They are one of my favorite bands right now, and there set did not disappoint. I'm still partially obsessed over the lead singers guttural screams for Gideon. Just amazing. The biggest surprise at the festival was Phoenix. Going into the show I had absolutely no expectations (I thought I knew one of their songs, but it turned out it was two songs that just sound the same. Go figure.) Yet, despite my naive approach towards their sound, the group ended up putting on an utterly fantastic show, ending with an appropriately epic stage dive into the crowd. Kings Of Leon and The Strokes both but on very good, yet slightly predictable performances, with Slightly Stoopid being the only disappointment. Wolfmother, Temper Trap, and Electric Sharp and The Electric Zeroes also all put on solid shows. Yet, despite all the fantastic music, the real experience is sharing this all with your friends. Growing up in San Francisco has at times made be a bit blaze towards how amazing the city really is, but their is no greater force than jumping up and down with your friends in an amazing park to some great music, to help you realize just how fortunate we are to live in such a fantastic city. I will be moving to LA later this months to attend college, but I will miss SF, dearly. It was a great time Outsidelands, until next year.

2. Scott Pilgram Vs. The World - I just learned that this movie made 10 million dollars opening weekend, and in all honesty, that is just a travesty. This film is a love letter to nerd/Internet culture, but most importantly it is about love. And at the end of the day what more do you want?

3. Starcraft 2 - Yes, I have been playing it, quite a bit actually. I am currently about half way through the campaign, and haven't even touched the multiplayer yet. It is extremely evident that Blizzard spent a long time trying to incorperate new players while not alienating the franchises gigantic fan base (read: Korea). However, the games crowning achievement should be how the single player missions, introduce new wrinkles into the typical RTS gameplay structure, ensuring that no two conflicts play the same. Really well done Blizzard, this is going to be installed on my hardrive for a long time to come.

4. Arcade Fire's The Suburbs - Their is something beautifully tragic about growing up in a suburb, I know this, and so does Arcade Fire. This near perfect album seems to effortless capture all the frustration, heart ache, and sorrow, suburbs seem to encapsulate. This one will always remind me of my childhood, the good and the bad. Buy this album now, and on a side note I am very proud of America, because this album was #1 the week it was released. I cannot wait to see this band live in October.

5. Tinker by Paul Harding - Fantastic book about reflecting on ones life. This book served as probably the biggest influence for Limbo, the screenplay I just completed. Read it, enjoy it, love it.

6. If you saw The Swell Season at the Saratoga Winery on August 19th my heart goes out to you. Glen and Marketa, please remember that we all love you.

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