Monday, October 18, 2010

Conversations Of A Monday

In 8am class

Student 1: Monday joke, probably relating in some way shape or form to Office Space.

Student 2: Laugh

Student 1: Weekend?

Student 2: Weekend.

Student 1: Philosophy joke.

Student: It's too early for this shit.

Buying Lunch

Customer: Buying lunch.

Server: Silence.

Customer: Asks about server's day.

Server: Silence.

Customer: Tells the server to have nice day.

Server: Silence.

Customer: Leaves

Customer 2: Has a long conversation with the server about their respective weekend activities, the weather, and the meaning of life.

Talking To Roommate

Person: Asks how day was.

Roommate: Grunts.

Person: Asks roommate to turn down bad music and to clean up his shit. Also to put on a shirt.

Roommate: Inaudible grunt.

Person: Grabs bag and leaves for the library. To try and do homework, but in reality to flirt with cute girls.

Roommate: Eats food that is not his own.

Going To Sleep

Person: Internal monologue about how tomorrow will be better.

Internal Self: Tomorrow will not be better.

Person: Curses internal self. Also goes takes a piss.

Internal Self: Realizes a paper person forgot about is due tomorrow.

Person: Ignores wisdom of internal self. Goes to sleep. Curses world.

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