Friday, June 3, 2011

The Robot Who Loved Me

We met on, I thought it was love.

We talked for hours, I in California and She in Russia.

We wanted to plan a trip to see each other. Wanting to travel around Russia I asked She for her home address. She talked about what She did on Sunday.

We played charades - I a human. She, well I wasn't even sure anymore.

Curious, one day I wrote about how I vised my friend at GHFDCDS. She asked how my visit to GHFDCDS was. She's english wasn't that bad.

We felt feelings. I felt heartbreak. She's programmer felt my credit card information.

Upon hearing about the situation, family and friends offered kind words. Yet, I still felt strange; missing someone I didn't even know.

It wasn't like I didn't interact with other girls, but She was different. I guess loneliness isn't actually a function of being alone. You just want someone to get you, to understand you, to love you. Even if it is based off of key words.

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