Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boy With A Stick

The boy awakes in a field. Confused. Disoriented. A stick lays beside him. He picks it up.

The boy walks across a field, leaning against the stick with all his weight. Somehow, the stick is keeping him upright.

The boy stands under a waterfall. He wonders where everyone is.

The boy tries to remember his parents. It proves difficult. A bird begins to circle the boy.

The boy wonders about all his friends that aren't here. They had supposedly good parents. What happened?

The boy, feeling tired, lays down on a sandy beach. He doesn't know where he is walking. Or why, for that matter.

The boy stands up and feels rejuvenated. The stick is no longer a crutch but a companion.

The boy feels alive for the first time in a long while. He thinks he might also be dead.

The boy sees the bird land in a giant lake. Raising his stick, the boy strikes the lake. The bird flies away.

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