Friday, February 13, 2009

Why iTunes is killing music.

Most of you know I'm a huge music fan. However, itunes the most popular music store in the world, is destroying music. With itunes, kids only focus on the single, and neglecting the rest of the album. Even my own sister, only buys the songs once they have a music video on is truly sad. If we look back on music history, the best music has always been an entire albums with the best example being The Who's Tommy. If this idea of the single being supreme continues, albums will become irrelevent, and in my opinion the soul of music will die out. For example look at Radiohead one of the best bands making music right now. One of their greatest cd Ok Computer has a track were it is just a robotic voice talking. If you were just to listen to this song, your first thought would be "What the hell?"  However, in the context of the entire album it makes sense, and adds to the motiff and theme of the cd. If it was just a single you would miss the meaning compleatly. iTunes is killing albums, and is albums die the best music diead with it. 

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