Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Night Of Story Telling

Despite the good and the bad constantly present in the world, society and to a greater extend the human soul are still fueled by hope. Some people find it in a random act of kindness, the written word, or the sound of music, but whatever form it take, it grants an individual a fleeting feeling of peace and temporarily transports them to a happier time. The point of this being that we all find peace in things, but for the most part most of these releases require context withing our own lives. However, their are a feel notable exceptions to this rule and the universal themes present in Radin's music is one of them. I am in the middle of a hectic water polo season, applying to college, and just dealing with life, but for a blissful evening I could release. Glancing around the venue I noticed how a group of a few hundread strangers were instantaneously relating over a common feeling we all share; love. This magical bond coupled with the amazing songs came together to produce a truly magical night. It is amazing to wonder how seemingly ordinary moments can become large watershed moments in a persons life, going from a night of low expectations to seemingly enlightening ones view towards the human condition. For me, last Thursday was one of those nights. Thanks Josh!

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