Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ok now im pissed!

Election day isn't even over, and I'm already disappointed. The USA is currently in need of great change, and I cant understand how so many people are trying to hold onto to old policy. Public healthcare is a wonderful idea, it has worked in many European countries, yet their are sections of this country that are inexplicably petrified of anything resembling a socialist policy. To all the morons our their, the government is using tax money to help cure people, that is a dam sight better then funding a pointless war in the middle east. Second, gay marriage. This is no longer a little special interest groups topic, these are peoples lives that are being fucked around on political agendas. Gay people are clearly in love, and if you personally find it reconcilable to limit other peoples love just because you don't find it right, then you are simply just an ignorant asshole. I leave you all with one final message; our population is at an historic junction, we can either change the world for the better or fail to improve by staying deep rooted in our old ways which clearly don't work in todays society (Bush Administration)...the choice is yours.

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