Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cabaret Reflection

In this modern era of 24 hours news cycles, it is nearly impossible to experience a new piece of media without any preconceived expectations. However, on April 20th 2010, I rejected the norm, and entered into Bannan Theater having nonexistent expectations about the upcoming show Cabaret. Cabaret is a musical original released in 1966, which focuses on the happenings in and around a Berlin nightclub during the 1930’s. The main plot focuses on two couples, the first being, author Cliff Bradshaw’s riveting relationship with exotic dancer Sally Bowles. The second focuses on elderly Herr Schultz and his adorable courtship with kind landlady Fraulein Schneider. These storylines are deeply intertwined, and by the end of the show, you find yourself rooting for both ultimately doomed romances. The acting and singing produced by the cast was generally good, however the stand out performance was undoubtedly Amelia Rudnicki’s portrayal of Sally Bowles. Rudinicki’s voice brought a much-needed extra dimensional to a seemingly one-dimensional performance. The only major flaw I found with the performance was the accents. Valiant efforts were made, but ultimately the majority of the accents came across as bad clich├ęs, instead of excellent additions to the characters. However, despite my minor quibbles, this production is one of the best productions I have seen at SI, and is far better than last years showing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

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