Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creative Process?

Since I just spent a ton of time working on another photo album, I thought I would take the time to elaborate on my so called creative process

1. Post-album complacency. I sleep in. Read a book. Enjoy any and all feddback. Play a game or two.

2. Late start. Maybe I should get some material for the next album? I know: I’ll go for a walk in the woods and try and do something of merit. That’ll be productive!

3. Desert wandering. I hate the stuff I took during step 2. Screaming at the (metaphorical) blank page, uncertainty sets in. Fear of failure is close behind. Paralysis.

4. I don't touch my camera for photoshop for at least a week. This helps with the before mentioned screaming.

5. Think of a loose them, go for a casual outing, and become shocked at how well some of the photos turned out.

6. Dedication to process, discipline. I stare at a computer screen a lot. Even more mouse clicking.

7. Obsession. In the process of making slow, sure progress on the album, I stumble upon some thing in a photo that interests me greatly. I get horribly obsessed. All other work ceases. The grind begins. This is the fun part.

8. Completion. I tell you all that I’m going to have it done by some certain date, but I miss it and put it out a week later. Usually, I end up erasing numerous photos as I'm about to upload them. Nevertheless, I cross the finish line.

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