Friday, July 9, 2010

Ramblings On A Beach

Someone who shall remain nameless wanted me to post a short little piece I wrote on a beach. This is unedited, disjointed, and almost completely incomprehensible.

Starring up at the cosmos,
the ever flowing starlight, illuminates the tranquil shore.
Energy from another era, providing the fleeting light tonight.
The eternal ocean, breaking shore until the end of time.
Where am I going?
I loose weeks like pencils and erasers,
years like buttons from my shirt.
My life is slipping away,
like black stand slowly falling from my hand,
eventually returning to the greater force below.
I am hear now, but eventually will not be here, now.
I am dying, we are all dying.
Realize or not, our lives are slipping until.
Until we make like Pluto, and are prematurely cast from the galactic stage,
having committed no wrongs, or disturbed the cosmic balance,
we are tost away like the toys from last Christmas.
Our children will remember fondly,
our grandchildren, a faint memory,
our great grand children, a rumor, a fable,
and finally to our great grand children, just an ancient fossil,
the only proof of our existence,
a six foot deep hole in the ground.
Our lives never text book worthy,
destined to the endless depths of oblivion.
We contemplate art, history, our lives, but to what purpose?
We record ourselves, make home movies, write.
Yet, this exercises only exist to make purpose, some vague allusion of meaning to the ticking time bombs that are our lives.
The only guarantee in our lives is not taxes, but that eventually everything we love will be lost. Ripped from our hands far far too soon. But without this loss we have no life. This loss grants us meaning, purpose. It gets us out of the bed in the morning, gets us to talk, to debate, to learn. For one day, we won't have those opportunities anymore.

Back to the beach, I'm sitting here, now, with people, without people, thinking, fearing, scared. Yet, before I am inevitably cast off to the fate befitting only a dwarf planet, I know one thing, I am here, I am me, and I am now.

PS: I hope this makes you happy. I never had any intention of posting this.

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