Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Grapevine

Tommy told Glen, who told Morgan, to talk to Steve about Casandra, but Steve had to lie to Morgan because Molly first talked to Steve about Casandra, making him promise to lie to Morgan when Tommy asked Glen to tell Morgan to talk to Steve.


Steve had feelings for Molly but didn't trust anyone with his secret except for George, but Jack, owning the rights to George's mortal being, told George to tell him about any secret feelings Steve exhibited towards Molly, this scheme was all due to Jack having secret feelings towards Molly. However, Jack was dating Stephanie, but still felt an odd sense of ownership over Molly. He tried to blame it on his eating habits, but that excuse didn't fly. By the way, George and Molly were secretly fucking. Both Steve and Jack were oblivious to this fact until Max's cousin Lucas ran into both George and Molly at a party. The cute couple wasn't wearing clothes, and this fact was soon distributed across the internet via Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time

A text message was responded to by an email, after a call was placed. The caller was put on hold until he was told to email his supervisor who would then have a Skype meeting with corporate over in Dubai. After having the supervisor Skype with a translator, who then faxed the transcript over to corporate over in Dubai, who then had a lawyer peruse the document. Some weeks after the fact, corporate over in Dubai sent the caller a letter, but it was lost in the mail, and a few weeks later, a mail room intern, forwarded him a generic response. This email was electronically placed under Spam. Shocked at the lack of response, the caller emailed his supervisor, who responded with a text, after receiving a long telegram from corporate over in Dubai.

Static, Static, Static, Static, Static, Static.

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