Friday, December 12, 2008

Century Theatures.....F*** You!

Today I went online to check the movie times for Frost/Nixon at my local movie theature. I had read some reviews online and the film sounds amazeing, and I personally have always had an interest in Nixon and his scandals. However to my suprise it's not playing anywere in my immediate area. The nearest place it is playing is half and hour away at the metreon in SF. I don't know if this is the studio's falt for not haveing the movie shown on enough screens, or that theatures are worried that a political movie won't due well at the box office during the holiday season. However at the same time there are 5 theatures in my general area and all of them are showing Bolt, Twilight, The Day The Earth Stood, Quantum of Solace, and Four Christmases. No offence to those movies, but I hope that theatures can afford to show one of the best films of the year instead of one of these so-so movies at atleast one of the 5 theatures in my county.

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