Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Alps and Other Adventures

Here is a copied message I just sent my girlfiends.......sorry Im tired and didnt feel like writing another post.

Wow, the last time I sent you a message was right before the mystery has felt like ages. The mystery dinner, actually turned out to be a meal in a restaurant that was compleatly dark........yes no body could see a thing. however the concept was really cool, becasue all the waitresses were blind, and it gave you the experience of being blind for a single meal. After the salad, cutlury was almost unuseable, so the majority of resorted to eating with out hands and licking our plates........The next day all of us hung out in zurich and then went to a wine tasting in a cool little bar in old town zurich.......good times were had........The next day we then went on the train up to the alps. The public transportation system is so amazinging here, that a trip from the middle of zurich to a tiny village in the alps only took 2 trains and a cable car ride. However, the weather in the alps was a little foggy.......actually really foggy. So we improvised and had fun in our rooms. This experience was like sleep away camp, but with alcohol. Things peaked when the me and the other 5 people in my room formed a woo tang clan, and even drew a pictzure of ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) That night we went to the village disco tek......and more fun was had. On a side note i found it weird how my dancing and pool game imporved the more i drank. The night culminated with half the bar belting Oasis Dont Look Back In Anger at like 3am. We had to wake up the next mourning at 8am......which was difficult to say the least. Then after a marginal breakfast, we all pile into a cable car and go to the highest place in europe (also the place were Jaws was momentarily killed in a James Bond movie) It was a little foggy, but the view was still amazing. Then after about 10 minutes of taking photos, we all engaged in a ginat snowball fight, around the area were mr. bond and jaws had their epic battle royale.Then we went inside of the revolving cafe up there and had some amazing hot chocolate. You need to see the pictures.......Then we went back down into the village, bought lunch at the coop (the swiss version of safeway), and then took the trains back into zurich. Now im here writing this, eating chocolate, overlooking lake was been a long few days. I miss you alot, and talk to you later. :)

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