Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Day In Switzerland

This is an email I just sent my family about my lastest adventures in Zurich.

Dear All,

I cant beleive tommorow is my last day in switzerland, it has gone by so fast. Today was kinda slow, I went exploring around around zurich with some friends, and we checked out this sweet bag store^, that was housed inside of stacked storage containers. You have to see the pictures to beleive it. Tommorow, we have a far well bar b q, and then the swiss kids are taking us out for our last night on the town. It should be a blast. Im going to miss so much of this place such as miss the foxs, food, chocolate, public transport, lake, chocolate milk, restaurants, cafes, parks, natural beauty, alps, disco tecks, culture, bars, and the constant amazment of the place. On that note......,.not really looking forward to England, it will be nice to see everybody, but after this experience it will just seem boring. On that note, am I visiting UCL or not? I miss all you guys and I hope all is well at home.

See you all soon

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