Monday, June 15, 2009

Tales Throught The Land of The Swiss Volume 1

Dear All,

Sorry this post was a long time coming. After AP tests, SATs, and Finals, I just didnt have the time to blog. However, im now in switzerlabnd for an exchange program, and even though iv been super busy, i have found a short period of time, were ican sit down and blog. The plane ride as long, and I watched Taken 3 times. It would really good, but by the third time I had had enough liam neeson......and i didnt think that was possible. The transfer in london was interesting as my plane was still in the gate, but the dam birts at heathrow, wouldnt let me bored the flight.....weird. So i had to wait for the nnext flight........4 hours in heathrow is very boring. Then on the flight from london to zurich this guy wearing somthing that looked like wizard robes was sitting next to me.....weird he looked like he was straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons convention. Then I finally got to zurich, and the monorail ride through the airport was interesting. Theya played a video on the side of the train were a very swiss girl by the name of heidi was rubbing her tits while coews mooed in the background. Welcome to switzerland....i guess. The in went on a car ride through zurich and this place is so beautiful, the pictures describe it way better then i ever could, so ill upload alkl the photos when i get home. Ill include the link to my picasa when i do so. The next day we went on a trip to lucern which was so beautiful, it was so steryotypical swiss, and again you just have to see the photos. We then took pictures with a banjo player, and rented paddle boats.....classic good time. The next day we went on a walking tour of zurich.......and so much walking. In zurioch you take the public transportaion everywere.......and then walk the rest of the way. This is great for twofold reasons. First, everyday living is a workout, and due to this there are almost no fat people in switzerland. This is also great because everyone here takes publuic transport, not because they want to save the enviorment, but because it is cheap, clean, it can get you anywere, and driving here is a pain in thr ass. The roads are small cramped, and really confusing. It is just easier to take the train or the bus, and then just walk......however im really fit, and that walking tour still left me sore. There are also foxes in switzerland......which is cool cause i never see them at home. They just look like a small red dog with a tail. Dinner a few nigts ago was funny because his grandparents, some newly married couple, and another old lady came over for dinner. It was hella jewish, and i had to wear one of those caps and everything........i just wasent expecting it, and it was really awkward, just because i wasent reall expecting it, but afterwards me and denis went out to the park to hang out and that was fun. It was a nice way to end the day after hunting for microscopic worms earlier that day at the institute of technology (hella boring) The next day i went to the youth group that denis runs, and we played ask the american, which was a ton of fun, but it was really jewish. It was a youth group, but was called a jewth group (yeah....a jewth group) i talked for a bit about life in america, and then they sang hebrew songs which was way more awkward then the dinner, and then i listened to a presentation on beat poetry......entirely in german. i didnt understand a single after that i went to a pool party in the country side, and the view was straight out of the sound of music......i wanted to play the soundtrack soooooo badly. Yesterday, i went to the worlds largest in door rock climbing structure (whic^h was so epic), and then to deniss girlfriends sisters confirmation......that was ok, but as many of you know religion and I dont mesh well. This place is so beautiful, i just spent an hour reading on a bench overlooking lake zurich. Im now in the computer lab at there school writing this. I cant get my laptop online (they dont have wirless), so im stuck writing this on a swiss keyboard, so as usual excuse the spotty spelling and weird word use. I hope to keep you all inforned about my travels, and will try and update more frequently. On a totally unrealted note. Star Treak was incredible, and It was only furthered my love for JJ Abrams. On the music front Wer Were Here by Joshua Radin is an amzing album, and a definite must buy. Swine Flu was a joke......more people died of regular flu, and the games that caught my attention at e3 were uncharted 2 and trico. Both look amazing. Other places you can find me on the internet are twitter or facebook, just add me as a friend, or follow me on twitter. I will update soon, to all my family and isbelle, I miss you all very much.

Keep in touch
Jonathan Crossley

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