Friday, July 31, 2009


A few nights ago I went out with my family for a nice meal at a pretty fancy restaurant. The food was great, atmosphere was wonderful, and the guitar player in the corner was extreamly talented. Yet, something about the evening didn't feel quite right. Then right after the main course I realized what it was; I was thinking about El Salvador. I thought how wrong it was to spend $15 dollars on a plate of pasta, when the mom at my home stay made $1 a day profit from her tortilla stand. It was a point of realization to just how uneven the distrabution of wealth is within our world. Now, I know Im not going to stop going out to wat just because of the people in El Salvador, but on the other hand I will never again take it for granted. I am in a position of privilage were I can go out for a nice meal with my family, however I now have a responsibility to take advantage of this privilage, in order to one day be in a position of power were I can help the people of El Salvador on a larger scale.

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