Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hate the Jonas Brothers almost as much as I hate Fox news.

If you know me, then you know I am a very friendly person, who rarely hates anything. However, I have a very short list of things I hate; genocide, evil dictators, corrupt governments, the jonas brothers, and fox news. Out of the things of this entire list most people are only familiar with two of them; the jonas brothers and fox news. I will start with Jonas. I feel like the Jonas Brothers have single handedly killed modern music. Thousands of young people today are growing up without a taste in music. Instead of exploring great music, they are stuck on the disney hype train of no talent acts, which in return are churning out shallow no talent singles. Now, the Disney channel must not have been contempt with just killing music, but now have expanded the plague of Jonas to television. I just witnessed one episode of the Jonas tv show and I was appaled and a little disturbed by how terrible the program actually was. Granted, I went into the show having no expectations what so ever, but everything from the dialogue, to the acting, to the mesage of the show, was so shallow and terrible that everyone involved in the production should hate themselves for selling out. Quote of the show "Thats my shoe...high five." Thats enough on Jonas, The next thing I hate in the world is Fox News. The Republican party is recently responsible for starting an illegal war, destroying the economy, and making this country a target of hate around the world. Now that they have lossed the presidency, Fox News has pumped up the bullshit in reguards to its news coverage. I know every news station has a bias, but Fox news doesnt stop at bias, they purposefully twist facts and lie to their audience. They are a channel of racists, liers, and manipulative people. If there is evil in the world it is present in the Jonas Brothers and Fox news.

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