Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freshman Orientation

Today I acted as a tour guide for the freshman orientation at my high school. I am entering my senior year, and let me just say that high school goes really quickly. I can vividly remember my own freshman orientation, easily recalling all the fear I experienced that day. I was immensly freightened, trying to seek out friends, yet still trying to act like I wasent about to lose my shit. As I gave the tour today It was refreshing to visually see all these feelings present in the freshman, not because I enjoy seeing them in pain, but because despite all the bullhit that comes entangled with high school, it is nice to see that ever kid gets nervouse in the shadow of something new and mysterious. If any freshman at SI are reading this let me just say that I hated my freshman year. I felt awkward, alone, and ashamed of my nerdy hobbies and interests, yet I continued to seek exceptance in groups that obviously werent interested in being my firends. But the lesson I learned from this is stick with it. It took me almost a year to find my good core group of friends. I swim and played waterpolo, so I became very close friends to those guys, and to my suprise most of them were into the same things I was into. We have had deep lunch conversations about Star Wars, videogames, music, films, and these monologues have been some of the highlights of my high school life. So my lesson to all the freshman out there:
1. Be Social - Go out and find people who have similar interests to yours.
2. Be Open Minded - You will be suprised my the amount of people you share interests with. At first I would never have thought that people on my schools water polo and swim teams would be into the same things I were, but some of them turned out to be very intelligent people well versed in nerd topics, who just happened to also love water polo and swimming.

My high school experience has had ups (friends) and downs (freshman year), but as I enter my senior year I will be very sad to see it end.

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