Thursday, August 20, 2009

Media Update

Sorry I havent updated in quite some time. After El Salvador I just wanted that experience to soak in and I did a lot of writing on the topic (see previous posts), but as I was in Maui with my family I didnt really feel like writing. However, now I am home, school is about to start, Waterpolo has strated (I am tired!), and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. So, I will take this time to post my thoughts on 2009 so far, in relation to movies, music, and video games.

So Far Top 3 of 2009

1. Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear - An amazing album by a band that is best described as Radiohead meets some crazy harmonies. If you have not heard of this New York wonder go check them ut immediatly.

2. Live in London by Leonard Cohen - One of the best live albums I have heard in years, and its Leonard Cohen; nuff said.

3. 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day - This is American Idiot round 2, with far more polished ideas and focus then its predecessor. Anyone who likes rock should definetly give this album a chance.

Albums Im looking forward to in the rest of 2009

1. Humbug by the Arctic Monkeys - I love all their previouse albums, really fun alternative vibe, but Im excited for were they take their sound in the future.

2. The Resistence by Muse - Muse is incredibly epic, so I have high hopes for the scope of the ballards they are able to create on this album.

3. Backspacer by Pearl Jam - I still listen to Ten on a daily basis, so whenever this band does something new, I pay attention. Truly a living legend.

4. Strcit Joy by Swell Season - I loved the movie Once, so Im naturally curiouse what the group responsible for the amazing soundtrack does next

5. Raditude by Weezer - The last few albums by Weezer haven't been that great, but I still have hope that one day they will release a record on par with the Blue can dream.


So Far Top 3 of 2009

1. District 9 - Neil Blomkamp has easily created the best sci-fi film since the original Matrix. Props to Peter Jackson for giving this guy a budget and a chance.

2. The Hurt Locker - This one enters the pantheon of great American war films. Kathryn Bigelow has accompliushed the impossible of making a great war film were the combat almost seems secondary.

3. Star Trek - JJ Abrams has made a great entertaining summer film while being able to create an entry portal to the deep mythos involved in the franchise. It is arguably the greatest sci-fi prequel/reboot ever.

Honerable Mention: Up - I love Pixar immensly and this is another great film to add to their quiver of franchises. As of now it is my 3rd favorite pixar film, and that is a phenominal accomplishment.

Movies Im looking forward to in the rest of 2009

1. Shutter Island - Whenever Scorsese and Leo team up I take notice.

2. Avatar - James Cameron is a great filmaker, but Im curiouse to see if this film can have enough substance to match its style.

Video Games

So Far Top 3 in 2009

1. Flower - Who says videogames cant convey emotion? Thatgamecompany has created an audio visual masterpiece that was wonderfully relaxing, but still had me in tears by the end of the game. The best 15 bucks I have ever spent.

2. Infamous - Sucker Punch has crafted a truly legendary super hero game, and it seems like a great start for a promising new franchice.

3. Killzone 2 - This game has been at the center of a lot of controversy (the prerendered trailers), but the final game really delivered.

Games Im looking forward to in the rest of 2009

1. Beatles Rockband - I am a huge Beatles fan so Im curiouse to see if Harmonix can deliver on the fab four experience.

2. Brutal Legend - The genius of Tim Shafer needs to be know by all, and if the early impressions are any indication he is about to get his due.

3. Modern Warfare 2 - Modern Warfare is one of the best shooters of all time, so im obviously excited to see what Infinity Ward does next.

4. Assasins Creed 2 - The first game had its issues with repatition, but if the developers have learned their lesson, this could be an amazing game.

5. Uncharted 2 - I loved the first one, and the sequel looks even better. Naughty Dog is on a role.

Thats it folks!

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