Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Breif Hiatus

As you can tell from the slim updates over the past few weeks I have been really busy. From school, college apps, and waterpolo, I just havent had a lot of time. So this blog will see a little bit of a hiatus from now until the end of the year. That doesnt mean there wont be any updates, it just means they will be shorter and a lot less frequent.

PS: Music Update: Check out Murder By Death, Colin Hay, and The Swell Season
TV Update: Mad Men is so good right now.
Photo Update: Going on a photo session next weekend, expect a new album up within 2 weeks.
Water Polo Update: We are going to make a strong push for CCS.
Game Update: Just finished Psychonauts, now I cant wait for Brutal Legend. I love Tim Schafer.
College Update: Applying to College is hard.

See you guys soon!

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