Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Reflection: Living On A Dream

As many of you who follow this blog know, Shane McConkey died last March ski BASE jumping in Italy. His death truly impacted me to my foundation, as he was my hero, role model, and friend. Well, the October issue of Freeskier magazine just came in the mail, and the entire issue was dedicated as a memorial to McConkey. Looking through the pages and reading how he touched so many peoples lives, I couldn't help myself but begin to weep in the middle of my bedroom. Upon reflection, the reason so many of us were touched by McConkey wasen't because he was a fantastic skier, but because he had the spirit to follow his dream. With his "fuck yeah" attitude and relentless pursuit of pro skier stardom, McConkey provided a strong contrast to too much of todays population, who are seemingly too scared to leave the safe norms present in their own daily lives. So this holiday season I plead with you to donate to Pacific Coast Cycle For A Cause. The fund is an organized bike ride from Seattle to San Diego beginning on October 3rd. The bike ride was organized by variouse figures in the ski industry to help raise funds for McConkey's family along with Riley Poor (ski movie director who became paralyzed from the waist down after injuring his spinal chord last January), and Billy Poole (a pro skier who was killed in the back-country in 2007). The impact these individuals have had on me and my own personal growth is too great for words. I will remember their lives, lessons, and most importantly their spirits, for the rest of my life. Now as I being this reflection to a close, all I have to say is: "You have one life, go follow your fucking dream."

Here is some information

Shane McConkey -

Riley Poor -

Billy Poole -

Please donate this holiday season. These men fell chasing their dreams, please help them out. Here is the link if you want to donate to the McConkey family directly

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