Thursday, September 3, 2009

Magazine Drive...

Last week marked the start of the annual SI Magazine Drive, if you are unfamiliar with a magazine drive, the point is to get your family and friends to buy magazine off of you in order to support the school. However, their is one fatal flaw with this program. MAGAZINES ARE A DYING BREED! I am personally a fan of print media, but in todays modern world more and more people are consuming their information online for no cost. Now the magazine guy tries to intice you to sell magazines with promises of cash money prizes and a ton of candy, but that is not enough justification for most parents to drop money on magazine supscription. Also, my school doesnt seem to have got the message that magazines are failing because the quota for each student is to sell 6 magazine subscription. 6 is a lot! One last think in this tyraid of hatred the magazine guy is a total creep.

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