Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Driving through a city of imaginary trends.
The sun doesn't rise here anymore,
hardly ever sets.
There is just light,
constant, omnipresent, moving light.

The lights from my car,
illuminate the trees,
brutally shoved in overpasses, divides, and exits.
Stripped of any dignity and birth they may have had.
They are not happy.

I turn off my lights.
Cars honk,
people make stupid little light hand signs as they pass,
they believe they are helping me.
Maybe help me avoid a ticket,
looking out for my safety. Maybe.

These buildings,
built on peoples dreams and aspirations,
made out of sand.

I am stuck in traffic, check my phone. I see the message.
Get me out of here.

I turn off the highway,
into the alleyway, something is calling me.

I stop and sit.
This is darkness. Pure, untouched, beautiful darkness.
I rabbit crosses the road,
it's the only thing really live in this city.

That and you, you're real. These people will never know you, but I did. I knew you.

The nocturnal world exists for a few more hours, but something is changing come the morning time my friend.

All the lights in the world couldn't stop it.

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